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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
30-Jan-1985Solving and creating problems: Hepatitis B virus and the public healthBlumberg, Baruch SamuelCurrent Science, 1987, Vol.56, p445-462
5-May-1983Reminiscences on genetics: From Mendelism to recombinant DNAPontecorvo, G.Current Science, 1983, Vol.52, p383-390
2-Oct-1980Chemistry in the service of humanityVaradarajan, S.Current Science, 1981, Vol.50, p4-9.
2-Oct-1987The discreet charms of Indian terrorismNandy, AshisGandhi Memorial Lecture Series, 1987, p1-2
Nov-1959Light, colour and visionRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1959, Vol.28, p429-433
2-Oct-1975Twenty five years of molecular biophysicsRamachandran, G.N.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, RRI, 1975, p.1-13
2-Oct-1961The diamondRaman, C.V.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 1961, p.1-17
2-Oct-1997Economic reforms, poverty eradication, self-reliance and ethical valuesSingh, ManmohanGandhi Memorial Lecture Series, 1997, p1-23
5-Oct-1988Medicine, science and humanismSethi, P.K.Current Science, 1988, Vol.57, p1037-1045
2-Oct-1981The fight against leprosy: From despair to hopeRamalingaswami, V.Gandhi Memorial Lecture Series, 1981, p1-5.