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Title: Driving method of driving a liquid crystal display element
Authors: Kuwata, Takeshi
Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Nakagawa, Yutaka
Koh, Hidemasa
Hasebe, Hiroshi
Yamashita, Takashi
Nagano, Hideyuki
Ohnishi, Takanori
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: US Patent US5489919, 1996
Abstract: A driving method of a liquid crystal display element having plural numbers of scanning electrodes and data electrodes where a JxL number (J and L are each integers>/=2) of scanning electrodes are divided into J subgroups each having L scanning electrodes so that the subgroups are selected and driven as a batch. The subgroups are selected while the following conditions are satisfied: (1) in L=kxNxT/ tau , a value satisfying k=10-250 is determined, where L is the number of row electrodes selected, N is the total number of row electrodes, T is a selection time of a single scanning electrode and tau is an average response time of a liquid crystal display element; (2) in a selection time, a voltage is applied to the scanning electrodes in a positive or negative direction with respect to an intermediate voltage, and in a non-selection time, the intermediate voltage is applied to the same, (3) for a selection voltage matrix, an orthogonal matrix A having L rows and elements of +1 and -1 which correspond respectively to a positive voltage and a negative voltage, is selected, and (4) in a selection time of the scanning electrode subgroups, application of the voltage is so made that elements of a column vector in the selection voltage matrix correspond to the amplitudes of the voltage to the scanning electrodes forming the scanning electrode subgroups.
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Copyright: 1996
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