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Title: Liquid crystal display apparatus
Authors: Kuwata, Takeshi
Ohnishi, Takanori
Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Ito, Masami
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: European Patent EP0617399 , 1998; European Patent EP0617399 (B1),1998; German Patent DE69412677 (T2),1999; Chinese Patent CN1093176 (A),1994.
Abstract: A liquid crystal display apparatus comprises a liquid crystal element adapted to be driven by a plurality of row electrodes and column electrodes in which a plurality of row electrodes are simultaneously selected, a column voltage generating circuit to apply to each of the column electrodes voltages based on orthogonal conversion signals which are obtained by converting, with use of an orthogonal function, picture signals corresponding to the positions of the simultaneously selected row electrodes of the display element, and a row voltage generating circuit to apply voltages based on row electrode selection pattern signals formed with an orthogonal function to the simultaneously selected row electrodes, wherein the row voltage generating circuit comprises a row electrode selection means to address sequentially the each simultaneously selected row electrodes,; and a row voltage generating means to apply voltages in response to the corresponding data in the row electrode selection pattern signals to the each row electrodes selected by the row electrode selection means.
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Copyright: 1998
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