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Title: Method to obtain uniform grayscale to grayscale response times in LCDs and a system thereof
Authors: Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: US Patent US2010238103 (A1), 2010
Abstract: Despite rapid advances in science and technology of liquid crystal display (LCD); elimination of motion related artifacts and preservation of color purity in moving images have remained elusive because gray-scale to gray-scale response time, i.e., time taken to switch pixels from one gray-scale to another depends on the initial and final gray shades. A technique wherein gray scale to gray scale response times are less dependent on the initial and final gray shades as compared to other addressing techniques for driving matrix LCD is reported. We also found that the response times are about the same as that of a pixel driven with simple square waveforms and therefore the effect of duty cycle due to matrix addressing is minimal with distributed waveforms of this technique.
Description: Open Access
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Copyright: 2009
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