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Title: H-Index of Astrophysicists at Raman Research Institute: Performance of different calculators.
Authors: Meera, B.M.
Manjunath, M.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Citation: Proceedings of the meeting of the working group of IAU division XII commission 5 on "libraries" held in Beijing, China . 23-24 August 2012.,(Book Chapter) , Edited by L.Utley, Page-46
Abstract: H-index, a single number proposed by J. E. Hirsch in 2005 has gained popularity as an index number to measure the research performance of individuals, institutions, universities, etc. There are many calculators to derive the h-index number, such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, etc. However, h-index can be calculated manually, provided we have access to a complete list of publications of a scientist and the number of citations received by them. It is observed that h-index for a given scientist at any given point of time differs from one calculator to the other. Here is an attempt to calculate the H-index of scientists of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Group at Raman Research Institute using Google Scholar Free calculator, Web of Science Paid calculator and The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System manual calculation and comparison of the results. Application of this h-index phenomenon to the research output of RRI scientists in a group is done while keeping in mind Hirsch’s systematic investigation to predict the position of a scientist using h-index in physics. It is believed that the higher the academic age of a scientist, the higher will be the h-index. An attempt is made to find whether this assumption is true with respect to the sample studied by including the superannuated scientists from Astronomy and Astrophysics Group at Raman Research Institute under the purview of this study.
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Copyright: 2013 National Radio Astronomy Observatory with Associated Universities, Inc,
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