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Title: Possibility of two types of localized states in a two-dimensional disordered lattice
Authors: Nacir, T.
Kumar, N.
Halley, J.W.
Shore, H.
Keywords: disordered structures
amorphous and glassy solids
general formulation of transport theory
conductivity phenomena in semiconductors
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review B, 1993, Vol. 47, p15988
Abstract: We report results of our numerical calculations, based on the equation of motion method, of dc electrical conductivity, and of density of states for up to 40×40 two-dimensional square lattices modeling a tight-binding Hamiltonian for a binary (AB) compound, disordered by randomly distributed B vacancies up to 10%. Our results indicate strongly localized states away from band centers separated from the relatively weakly localized states towards midband. This is in qualitative agreement with the idea of a ``mobility edge'' separating exponentially localized states from the power-law localized states as suggested by the two-parameter scaling theory of Kaveh in two dimensions. An alternative explanation, consistent with one-parameter scaling theory, is that the observed numerical effects may arise as a consequence of the variation of the localization length over the band.
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ISSN: 1098-0121
1550-235X (Online)
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Copyright: 1993 The American Physical Society
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