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dc.contributor.authorHeinrichs, J.-
dc.contributor.authorKumar, N.-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, 1984, Vol. 17, p769-774en
dc.descriptionRestricted Accessen
dc.description.abstractThe probability distribution for the displacement x of a particle moving in a one-dimensional continuum is derived exactly for the general case of combined static and dynamic gaussian randomness of the applied force. The dynamics of the particle is governed by the high-friction limit of Brownian motion discussed originally by Einstein and Smoluchowski. In particular, the mean square displacement of the particle varies as t2 for t to infinity . This ballistic motion induced by the disorder does not give rise to a 1/f power spectrum, contrary to recent suggestions based on the above dynamical model.en
dc.publisherInsitutute of Physicsen
dc.rights1984 Institute of Physicsen
dc.subjectclassical transporten
dc.subjectprobability theoryen
dc.subjectbrownian motionen
dc.subjectcomputational physicsen
dc.subjectstatistical physicsen
dc.subjectnonlinear systemsen
dc.titleNon-diffusive classical transport in a medium with static randomnessen
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