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Title: Non-diffusive classical transport in a medium with static randomness
Authors: Heinrichs, J.
Kumar, N.
Keywords: classical transport
probability theory
brownian motion
computational physics
statistical physics
nonlinear systems
Issue Date: Feb-1984
Publisher: Insitutute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, 1984, Vol. 17, p769-774
Abstract: The probability distribution for the displacement x of a particle moving in a one-dimensional continuum is derived exactly for the general case of combined static and dynamic gaussian randomness of the applied force. The dynamics of the particle is governed by the high-friction limit of Brownian motion discussed originally by Einstein and Smoluchowski. In particular, the mean square displacement of the particle varies as t2 for t to infinity . This ballistic motion induced by the disorder does not give rise to a 1/f power spectrum, contrary to recent suggestions based on the above dynamical model.
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ISSN: 0022-3719
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Copyright: 1984 Institute of Physics
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