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Title: T-shaped unsymmetrical azoester based mesogenic dimers
Authors: Varia, M.C.
Kumar, Sandeep
Prajapati, A.K.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: SCM Workshop, 2011
Abstract: There could be several potential applications of LC dimers due to their distinct nature and unusual properties. Both symmettic and non-symmetric dimers exhibit a rich smectic polymorphism. Blatch et al reported the non-symmetric dimers from cyanobiphenyl mesogen connected to a cinnamoate moiety through a flexible spacer which exhibited as intercalated smectic A phase. Jin et al have studied in detail the smectic phase behaviour of non-symmetric dimers containing a cholesteryl unit linker to a conventional calamitic mesogenic unit via a flexible alkyl spacer. Several examples of non-symmetrical charge-transfer dimers in which a triphenylene- based unit is connected to an electron-deficient non-liquid crystalline THF of anthraquinone moiety. The synthesis of dimer, in which there is an amide group in the linking chain, was reported by Boden dt al. An interesting example of non-symmetric discotic donot-σ-acceptor dimer reported by Kumar et al. The strong nematic tendencies of the T-shaped dimers implies that the spacer adopts conformations for which the two mesogenic units are held more or less coparallal. This view is supported by the weaker dependence of the spacers seen for the T-shaped dimers that observed for conventional linear dimers. Nori et al have reported the purely nematogenic T-shaped compounds which having the polymethylene spacers with six benzene bridging through the four ester group. Yoshizawa et al have designed novel T-shaped and bent chiral compounds possessing molecular biaxiality, and invertigated the chirality-dependent properties. Weissflog et al have reported the T-shaped compounds with having the nematic mesophases and smectic A mesophases.
Description: Open Access
Copyright: 2011 Raman Research Institute
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