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Title: Orientation of discotic and ferroelectric liquid crystals in a macroporous silicon matrix
Authors: Perova, T.S.
Astrova, E.V.
Tsvetkov, S.E.
Tkachenko, A.G.
Vij, J.K.
Kumar, Sandeep
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: MAIK
Citation: Physics of Solid State, 2002, Vol.44, p1196-1202
Abstract: Macroporous silicon with deep regular channels 3–4.5mm in diameter was infiltrated with discotic and ferroelectric liquid crystals (LCs) at the temperature of the isotropic phase, and then, the system was slowly cooled to room temperature, with the liquid crystalline mesophase formed. The orientation of the LC molecules in the porous matrix was studied by FTIR spectroscopy. The alignment of LCs was ascertained by comparing the behavior of various vibrational bands of a liquid crystal introduced into the porous matrix with that for LC inside the bulk cells of planar and homeotropic alignment. The molecules of the discotic LC show a planar orientation of their column’s axis with respect to the surface of the macroporous silicon wafer; i.e., they are perpendicular to the channel axis. The long molecular axis of the ferroelectric LC is aligned with the pore walls, having homeotropic orientation with respect to the wafer surface. In a macroporous silicon matrix, both kinds of LCs show unexpected enhancement of the low-frequency vibrational bands.
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Copyright: 2002 MAIK
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