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Title: The First hexagonal columnar discotic liquid crystalline carbazole derivative
Authors: Manickam, M.
Kumar, Sandeep
Preece, J.A.
Spencer, Neil
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Liquid Crystals, 2000, Vol. 27, p703-706
Abstract: The synthesis of two carbazole derivatives is described by a method in which one and three carbazole moieties are covalently attached to a hexa-alkoxytriphenylene core, respectively. The rst of these materials displays hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline behaviour when doped with trinitro uorenone, at room temperature, as con rmed by the mesophase textures viewed by optical polarizing microscopy and the results from diOEerential scanning calorimetry. These materials may have potential applications in the area of photorefractive materials.
Description: Restricted Access.
ISSN: 0267-8292
Copyright: 2000 Taylor & Francis
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