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Title: Search for arcminutescale anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background
Authors: Subrahmanyan, Ravi
Ekers, R.D.
Sinclair, M.
Silk, Joseph
Issue Date: Jul-1993
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing for the Royal Astronomical Society
Citation: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1993, Vol.263, p416
Abstract: The Australia Telescope antenna array has been used in an ultracompact configuration to image an ~8 arcmin diameter field with an angular resolution of about 2 arcmin and an rms brightness sensitivity of about 36 microK. Interferometer spacings which responded to an independent and higher range of spatial frequencies were used to model and subtract the confusion due to the discrete radio sources in the field with smaller angular sizes. As a result, the sensitivity in the imaging was reduced well below the telescope confusion limit. The residual image was examined for fluctuations above the instrument thermal noise that could be due to any arcmin-scale anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background. No excess fluctuations were detected, and we derive a 95 per cent confidence upper limit of 22 microJy beam^-1^ on the rms flux density fluctuations in the background sky at 8.7 GHz with an angular scale of 2 arcmin. Assuming a Gaussian form for the autocorrelation function of the CMB fluctuations, we obtain a 95 per cent confidence limit of {DELTA}T/T < 2x10^-5^ on the rms fractional temperature fluctuations in a background with a coherence scale of 1 arcmin.
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ISSN: 0035-8711
1365-2966 (Online)
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Copyright: 1993 Royal Astronomical Society
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