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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2000Building of the 21cm front end reciever for the gaint metrewave radio telescopeSubrahmanyan, Ravi; Raghunathan, A.M.Sc Project report, 2000
2009Digital correlation recievers for radio telescopesUdaya Shankar, N.; Girish, B.S.M.Sc Project report, 2009
1999Automation of Ph.d programme selection process (module) for Raman Research InstitueBhattacharya, D.; Sreenivasa, K.P.MCA Project report, 1999
2002Observations of 6.67GHz radio recombination lines with 10.4m telescopeUdaya Shankar, N.; Kaur, RamanpreetM.Sc Project report, 2002
2013Investigating immunity to Fading in MIMO communication with concatenated coding techniquesSanapala, Seetha Rama Raju; Balasubramanyam, R.; Parvathi, C.M.Sc Project report, 2013
Feb-2013Control electronics for precision measurement of ultra cold atomsKanmani, B.; Narayanan, Andal; Meena, M.S.M.Sc Project Report, 2013
Apr-2013Electro-optic studies on chiral liquid crystalsPratibha, R.; Zarin, A.S.M.Sc Project report, 2013
2013Slow light using electromagnetically induced transparency and gaussian state fidelty in optomechanicsNarayanan, Andal; Vineetha, N.M.Sc Project report, 2013
2012Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) and time resolved studies of copper plasma excited by nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulsesPhilip, Reji; Keloth, AnushaM.Sc Project report, 2012
2014An experimental test for the existence of non-classical paths in interference experimentsSinha, Urbasi; Aaryan, AnimeshM.Sc Project report, 2014