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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2005EPGA based angular encoder interface for a radio telescopeBabu, N.V.; Rishin, P.V.; Divya, Rajeshwari B.; Sreeharsha, K.B.E. Project report, 2005
2011Otpical and dielectric properties of liquid crystals and liquid crystal nanocompositesPratibha, R.; Maheswari, Uma P.M.Tech Project report, 2011
2002Hardware implementation of discrete cosine transformKumarswamy, R.; Ruckmongathan, T.N.; Deepak, D.; Kiran, Ravi D.B.E. Project report, 2002
2004Development of a microcontroller based local network for a radio telescope health monitoring systemGurumurthy, K.S.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Krishnamurthy, S.B.E. Project report, 2004
2007Ultra wide band and high dynamic range low noise amplifier for low frequency applications in radio astronomyRaghunathan, A.; Rajkumar, PalwaiM.E. Project report, 2007
2004Design and development of a 0.5 to 1.5 GHz low-noise cooled HEMTRaghunathan, A.; Roy, Deepankar; Sharath, V.B.B.E. Project report, 2004
2004Study of trapezodial structure as a wide-band feed for a radio telescopeRaghunathan, A.; Sreerangaraju, M.N.; Rao, Prathima; Madhusudan, PallaviB.E. Project report, 2004
2005Log periodic antenna for frequency independent operationRaghunathan, A.; Teekaraman, M.; Phanish, B.M.; Sandeep, R.B.E. Project report, 2005
2002Design and development of a broadband low noise amplifierRaghunathan, A.; Ramani, R.; Umesh, RamyaB.E. Project report, 2002
2002Radio frequency interference monitoring at GauribidanurRaghunathan, A.; Ravishnakar, M.; Amarendra, K.V.; Ravi, M.S.B.E. Project report, 2002