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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1998Design and fabrication of high bandwidth potentiostat and galvanostat for electrochemical studiesLakshminarayanan, V.; Shakya, JagatVSP Project report, 1998
1999Automation of Ph.d programme selection process (module) for Raman Research InstitueBhattacharya, D.; Sreenivasa, K.P.MCA Project report, 1999
1995Multi-channel buffered data router for a digital spectrometerSanthosh Kumar, A.; Seetha Prasad, M.G.; Shreekanth Bhatta, S.; Uday Kumar, B.; Garady, VivekB.E. Project report, 1995
1991A controller computer interface and driver for a radio telescope systemUdaya Shankar, N.; Rai, Vihar R.; Pinto, Roque Nelson; Krishnan, GirishB.E. Project report, 1991
1997Two axes micro positioning controllerAnanthasubramanian, P.G.; Pradeep, S.; Naveen, M.R.; Navin Rajendran, P.C.B.E. Project report, 1997
19934.5 GHz low noise amplifierSarma, N.V.G.; Varghese, GeorgeM.Tech Project Report, 1993
1992Tunable millimeterwave gunn oscilator at 100 GHzDhawan, V.; Sunil Vasant, K.; Manohar Raju; Shashank, GovindarajB.E. Project report, 1992
1997Parameter monitoring system for the 10.4m millimeter wave radio telescopeRavindra, D.K.; Ganesan, R.; Ghosh, Partha; Narendra, Venkataraman; Maruthi, B.R.B.E. Project report, 1997
1998mm-wave mixer charecterisation data aquisition and analysisAnanthasubramanian, P.G.; Sudhakar, K.M.C.A.Project Report, 1998
1999Phase noise characterization of L.O. synthesizersAnanthasubramanian, P.G.; Kulkarni, Anil R.; Jagadish, S.; Kiran, S.; Pradeep, B.B.E.Project Report, 1999