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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
30-Jan-1983Reminiscences on genetics: from Mendelism to recombinant DNAPontecorvo, G.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 30 January 1983
2-Oct-1980Chemistry in the service of humanityVaradarajan, S.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 2nd October 1980
20-Oct-1989The uniqueness of man in the Upanishads and modern scienceSwami Ranganathananda, H.H.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 2nd October 1989
5-Aug-1989Mrs. Jayanthi Ramachandran and Mr T Ramachandran-Farewell held on 5th August 1989
1983Prof. Ramesh Narayan-Farewell held on 1983
30-Nov-1989Mr. Kudhus-Farewell held on 30th November 1989
1980Miss. Anna Mani-Farewell held on 1980
1989Mr. Mohamed Ismail--
1-Apr-1985Mr. J. Padbanabhan-Farewell held on 1st April 1985
30-Jan-1985Solving and creating problems hepatits B virus and the public healthBlumberg, Baruch SamuelGandhi Memorial Lecture, 30th January 1985