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Title: Method to display gray shades in RMS responding matrix display
Authors: Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Keywords: Matrix display
Gray shades
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2009
Citation: US Patent US2009201241 (A1), 2009; US Patent US8081179 (B2) , 2011; WIPO Patents WO2009098705 (A1) ,2009
Abstract: A method to display gray shades in RMS responding display matrix, includes; selecting each row of the display matrix with a set of "s" discrete select voltages in a sequence or random and applying a set of discrete data voltages to a column of the display matrix wherein the data voltages are of both polarities and energy of the select and data waveforms that are applied to rows and columns during the "s" time intervals for all the rows and columns to display gray shades in RMS responding display matrix.
Copyright: Dec.20, 2011
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