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Title: A method of driving display element and its driving device
Authors: Kuwata, Takeshi
Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Nakagawa, Y.
Koh, H.
Nakazawa, Akira
Issue Date: 7-Apr-1999
Citation: European Patent EP0581255 B1
Abstract: A method of driving a display element wherein a light transmittance of a pixel selected by a row electrode and a column electrode changes in accordance with a difference between voltages applied on the row electrode and the column electrode, which satisfies the following conditions: (1) row electrodes are divided into a plurality of row electrode subgroups composed of L row electrodes which are selected simultaneously wherein L is an integer greater than 1: (2) signals [ alpha mn] where alpha mn is an element of a m-th row component and a n-th column component of an orthogonal matrix, m is an integer of 1 through L and n is a suffix showing that the n-th column component of the orthogonal matrix corresponds to a n-th selection signal in a single display cycle are applied on the selected row electrodes as row electrode signals: (3) a signal into which an image signal corresponding to positions of the selected row electrodes on a display panel is converted by the orthogonal function is applied on a column electrode as a column electrode signal: and (4) a first voltage which is in proportion to a second voltage Vd expressed by the following equation is substantially applied to a column voltage to provide a predetermined gray shade level d(j.L+i),k which is a value between 1 showing an off state and -1 showing an on state in accordance with a degree of gray shade with respect to a pixel of a k-th column where k is an integer and an i-th row where i is an integer of 1 through L of a j-th row electrode subgroup where j is an integer: <MATH> where <MATH> where <MATH> indicates a summing operation of a content of [ ] with respect to i=0 through L and alpha in' indicates an element of an i-th row component and a n-th column component of an orthogonal matrix wherein a 0-th row component is added to [ alpha mn].
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2289/3891
Alternative Location: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP0581255B1.html
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