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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
7-Mar-2018What’s cooking in the ‘LMC X-4’ binary star system?Jassem, NamithaResearch Matters, 13th March 2018
14-Mar-2018Why Stephen Hawking was the guru of cosmology: He was among the giants who gave theoretical physics its present shape.Samuel, J.DailyO- SCI-TECH, 14th March 2018
9-Mar-2018Stars and star cluster heat up their environment even a million years after their birth, say scientists-Research Matters, 9 March 2018
17-Jan-2018How does debris from supernovae make molecules? Scientists may have an answer.-Research Matters, 17 January 2018
2-Apr-2018Throwing light on dark matterSimha, VimalResearch Matters, 2 April 2018
Nov-20182018 ICTP/ICO Prize Winner Urbasi Sinha Promoting Quantum Science and Technology in India-The ICTP Newsletter 145, Spring/Summer 2018,p.6
27-Nov-2018Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Urbasi SinhaChan, JeremyAsian Scientist Magazine , 27th November 2018
15-Oct-2018The adventurous journey of the stars in the centre of our GalaxyKelkar, KshitijaResearch Matters, 15th October 2018
3-Dec-2018It’s not love, but the tension in your cells that governs lifeAvabhrath, NagashreeResearch Matters, 3 December 2018
24-Apr-2018What's cooking in the LMC X-4 binary star system?Jassem, NamithaDeccan Herald, 24th April 2018, p3