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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1981Optical and elastic properties of liquid crystals.Madhusudana, N.V.; Moodithaya, K.P.L.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1981.
1988Some new addressing techniques for RMS responding matrix LCDs.Madhusudana, N.V.; Sonde, B.S.; Ruckmongathan, T.N.Ph.D. Thesis, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1988.
1983Theoretical studies on order and phase transitions in liquid crystals.Madhusudana, N.V.; Savithramma, K.L.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1983.
1988Investigations on liquid crystalline mixtures.Madhusudana, N.V.; Pratibha, R.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore. 1988.
1983Experimental studies of the re-entrant phenomenon in liquid crystals.Chandrasekhar, S.; Venkatachala Rao, K.Ph.D. Thesis, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 1983.
1981High pressure studies of liquid crystals.Chandrasekhar, S.; Venkatesh, G.Ph.D. Thesis, Bangalore University, Bangalore, 1981.
1984Studies on the surface properties of liquid crystals.Chandrasekhar, S.; Krishnaswamy, S.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1984.
1984Experimental studies on some liquid crystalline compounds exhibiting smectic order.Madhusudana, N.V.; Srikanta, B.S.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1984.
1988Experimental studies of phase diagrams of liquid crystals.Shashidhar, R.; Somasekhara, S.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1988.
1982Vibrational spectra of liquid crystals.Chandrasekhar, S.; Prasad, S.N.Ph.D. Thesis, Mysore University, Mysore, 1982.