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Title: An Experimental Method for the Production of Vibrations
Authors: Raman, C.V.
Issue Date: Nov-1919
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review, 1919, Vol.14, p446-449
Abstract: Forced Vibration of strings; the Melde experiment. Improvements of Fleming's modification are described which enable the amplitude of the forced vibration to be varied, which minimize lateral vibration, and which make it possible to obtain linear, circular or elliptical vibration as desired. This improved apparatus is useful for studying or demonstrating the various types of motion possible for a stretched string. Five photographs illustrate the results which may be obtained. Forced Vibration of strings. The phenomenon observed by Jones and Phelps, that when two or more different types of vibration are simultaneously obtained, the ratio of the number of ventrals egments may differ from the ratio of the frequencies of maintenance, is briefly discussed.
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Copyright: 1919 The American Physical Society
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