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Title: The optical properties of amethyst quartz
Authors: Raman, C.V.
Banerji, K.
Issue Date: Jun-1925
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Citation: Transactions of the Optical Society, 1925, Vol. 26, p289-292
Abstract: Circularly-polarized waves of light, in passing through a section-plate of amethyst quartz, would obviously be retarded unequally in the alternate laminae having right- and left-handed optical activities. Diffraction effects must therefore arise, and these can actually be observed even in almost colourless varieties of the quartz. The section-plate behaves in effect as a phase-change diffraction grating, and the question of the visibility of its structure with and without the aid of polarizers and analysers is discussed in the light of Abbe's theory of microscopic vision.
Description: Open Access. Scanned from Vol.3 of Scientific Papers of C.V. Raman. Ed. by S. Ramaseshan. Published in 1988 by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
ISSN: 14775-4878
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Copyright: 1925 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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