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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Sep-2020Coumarin substituted symmetric diaminopyridine molecules: Synthesis, mesomorphic characterizations and DFT studiesMohammad, AbdulKarim-Talaq; Mohammed, Hameed Madlool; Srinivasa, H.T.; Ahmed Ameen, WissamJournal of Molecular Liquids, 2020, Vol.314, p113782
Mar-2020Fluorescence properties of aromatic asymmetric di-ketone compound in polar and non-polar solventsMuddapur, G V; Melavanki, Raveendra; Srinivasa, H.T.; + 3 Co-AuthorsJournal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020, Vol.1473, Article No.012044
Oct-2020Synthesis and Crystal Structure Analysis of propyl 3-(4-acetoxyphenyl) AcrylateManjula, M.; Srinivasa, H.T.; Lokanath, N. K.; Revannasiddaiah, D.Journal of Applicable Chemistry, 2020, Vol.9, p684-690
5-Jan-2020Nematic and switchable intercalated phases in polymerizable bentcore monomers with naphthalene moiety in the side arms of the aromatic coreSrinivasa, H.T.; Prutha, N; Pratibha, R.Journal of Molecular Structure, 2020, Vol.1199 p126971
May-2021Imidazole and benzoimidazole derived new ionic liquid crystal compounds: synthesis, characterisation, mesomorphic properties and DFT computationsMohammad, AbdulKarim-Talaq; Khalefa, Omar S.; Srinivasa, H.T.; Ameen, Wissam AhmedLiquid Crystals, 2021, Vol.48, p1140
2-Jan-2020Isoflavone-based trimer liquid crystals: synthesis, characterization, thermal and mesomorphic properties evaluationsAbdulKarim-Talaqa., Mohammad; Srinivasa, H.T.; Alrawi, Rusul YousifLiquid Crystals, 2020, Vol.47, p28-35(8)
Sep-2020New non-conventional lithocholic acid derivatives: synthesis and characterisations for mesogenic propertiesSrinivasa, H.T.Liquid Crystals, 2020, Vol.47, Iss.10, p1426-1434
Sep-2021Solvation, rotational dynamics, photophysical properties study of aromatic asymmetric di-ketones: An experimental and theoretical approachMelavanki, Raveendra; Muddapur, G.V.; Srinivasa, H.T.; Honnanagoudar, S.S.; Patil, N.R.Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2021, Vol. 337, p116456
27-Jul-2022Pyridine-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene gold(I) binuclear complexes as molecular electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reactionsYhobu, Zhoveta; Markandeya, Geetha Basappa; MaƂecki, Jan Grzegorz; Srinivasa, H.T.; Keri, Rangappa S.; Nagaraju, D.H.; Azam, Mohammad; Al-Resayes, Saud I.; Budagumpi, SrinivasaApplied Organometallic Chemistry, 2022, e6837
7-Aug-2023Room temperature nematic liquid crystals: Synthesis and characterisation of pentabromophenol and cyanobiphenyl derived rod-shaped moleculesSrinivasa, H.T.; M.R., LutforLiquid Crystals, 2023