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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
5-Dec-2023Experimental studies on self-propulsion of deformable 5CB liquid crystal droplets in micellar solutionRay, Swarnak; Roy, ArunLiquid Crystals, 2023, Vol.50,
21-Feb-2023Leaning induced layer undulated tilted smectic phase of asymmetric bent-core liquid crystalsMishra, Vishnu Deo; Srinivasa, H.T.; Roy, ArunJournal of Chemical Physics, 2023, Vol.158,p074906
1-Mar-2023Benzopyrano-Fused Phenanthridine-Based Columnar Mesogens: Synthesis, Self-organization and Charge- Transport PropertiesBhat S, Vanishree; Vadivel, Marichandran; Pratap Singh, Dharmendra; Raghunathan, V. A.; Roy, Arun; Kumar, SandeepChemistry: A European Journal, 2023,Vol.29, p.e202300227
5-May-2023Direct method to grasp molecular topology of mesogens through 13C–1H dipolar couplingsReddy, M. Kesava; Shalini, P. Jaya; P. Lobo, Nitin; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy, T.Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,2023,Vol.25,p.14158
28-Jun-2023Molecular organization and molecular order of two rod-like smectogens in mesophasesBoopathi, A. A.; P. Lobo, Nitin; Deo Mishra, Vishnu; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy, T.Liquid Crystals,2023
24-Mar-2023Spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry in achiral bent-core liquid crystals: Excluded volume effectPatra, Dipak; Roy, ArunPhysical Review E, 2023, Vol. 107, p034704
8-Sep-2023Simple model for self-propulsion of microdroplets in surfactant solutionRay, Swarnak; Roy, ArunPhysical Review E, 2023, Vol. 108,p035102
15-Jun-202313C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigations of Molecular Mesogens with a Terminal Phenyl Ring Linked via a Spacer: Odd–Even EffectVeeraprakash, Bathini; Boopathi, Achuthan A.; Lobo, Nitin Prakash; Roy, Arun; Ramanathan, Krishna Venkatachala; Narasimhaswamy, TanneruLangmuir, 2023, Vol. 39, p8710