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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Feb-2022Ab-initio investigations for structural, mechanical, optoelectronic, and thermoelectric properties of Ba2SbXO6 (Xdouble bondNb, Ta) compoundsKarwasara, Hansraj; Bhamu, K.C.; GuKang, Sung; Kushwaha, A.K.; Rai, D.P.; Sappati, Subrahmanyam; Sahariyag, J.; Soni, AmitJournal of Alloys and Compounds, 2021, Vol.893, Article No.162332
16-Apr-2022Optical Limiting Properties of the Natural Dye Extract from Alternanthera brasiliana LeavesHaripadamam, P.C.; Beryl, C.; Philip, RejiJournal of Electronic Materials, 2022, p1-8
20-Apr-2022IGF-dependent dynamic modulation of a protease cleavage site in the intrinsically disordered linker domain of human IGFBP2Jaipuria, Garima; Shet, Divya; Malik, Shahid; Swain, Monalisa; Atreya, Hanudatta S.; Galea, Charles A.; Slomiany, Mark G.; Rosenzweig, Steven A.; Forbes, Briony E.; Norton, Raymond S.; Mondal, SomnathProteins, 2022, p1-12
23-Jun-2022Origin of Two Distinct Stress Relaxation Regimes in Shear Jammed Dense SuspensionsBarik, Sachidananda; Majumdar, SayantanPhysical Review Letters 2022, Vol.128, p258002
12-May-2022Functionalized Triphenylene Discotic Molecules: Synthesis and Mesomorphic CharacterizationsSrinivasa, H. TChemistrySelect 2022, Volume7, Article No.e202200783
22-Jun-2022Inter-particle adhesion induced strong mechanical memory in a dense granular suspensionChattopadhyay, Sebanti; Majumdar, SayantanJournal of Chemical Physics, 2022, Vol.156, p241102
1-Aug-2022Synthesis of bis-1,3-(benz)azoles catalyzed by palladium-PEPPSI complex-based catalysts and the study of photophysical propertiesAnusha, Gokanapalli; Indira, Meeniga; Sivakumar, Irla; Sarma, Loka Subramanyam; Reddy, Kakarla Raghava; Reddy, Peddiahgari Vasu Govardhana; Aminabhavi, Tejraj M.Chemosphere, 2022, Vol. 301, p134751
24-Jun-2022Influence of micellar size on the structure of surfactant-DNA complexesRadhakrishnan, A.V.; Madhukar, S.; Chowdhury, A.; Raghunathan, V.A.Physical Review E, 2022, Vol.105, p064504
3-May-2022Observation of banded spherulite in a pure compound by rhythmic growthGhosh, Subhadip; Patra, Dipak; Roy, ArunPhysical Review Materials, 2022, Vol. 6, p053401
16-Mar-2022Rubicene, an Unusual Contorted Corefor Discotic Liquid CrystalsSivakumar, Irla; Swamynathan, K.; Ram, Dinesh; Raghunathan, V.A.; Kumar, SandeepChemistry : An Asian Journal, 2022, e202200073