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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1988Cleomiscosin D, a coumarino-lignan from seeds of Cleome viscosaKumar, Sandeep; Ray, Anil B.; Konno, Chohachi; Oshima, Yoshiteru; Hikino, HiroshiPhytochemistry, 1988, Vol.27, p636–638
1985Structures of cleomiscosins, coumarinolignoids of cleome viscosa seedsRay, Anil B.; Chattopadhyay, Sunil K.; Kumar, SandeepTetrahedron, 1985, Vol.41, p209-214
1988Ethyl brevifolin carboxylate from flueggea microcarpaGottlieb, Hugo E.; Kumar, Sandeep; Sahai, Mahendra; Ray, Anil B.Phytochemistry, 1988, Vol.30, p2435–2438
8-Jul-1989A one-​step preparation of 2,​6,​6-​trimethylcyclohexa-​1,​3-​diene-​1-​carboxaldehyde (safranal) from a mixture of 2,​6,​6-​trimethylcyclohex-​1- and 2-​ene-​1-​carboxaldehydes (cyclocitrals)Kumar, Sandeep; Kulkarni, Ashok Krishna; Sukh, DevIndian IN 164,929 (Cl.C07C47/42), 08 Jul 1989; 9pp
5-Oct-1985Chemical Constituents of the Leaves of Flueggea microcarpaKumar, Sandeep; Sahai, Mahendra; Ray, Anil B.Planta Medica, 1985, Vol.51(5), p466