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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
7-Dec-2018Novel phenazine fused triphenylene discotic liquid crystals: synthesis, characterisation, thermal, optical and nonlinear optical propertiesGowda, Ashwathanarayana; Jacob, Litwin; Joy, Nithin; Philip, Reji; Kumar, SandeepNew Journal of Chemistry, 2018, Vol. 42, p19034-19042
3-Jun-2013Gold nanoparticles in columnar matrix of discotic liquid crystalKaur, Supreet; Kumar, Rishi; Pratibha, R.; Kumar, Sandeep; Raina, K.K.AIP Conference Proceedings, 2013, Vol.1536, p67-68, Proceeding of International Conference on Recent Trends in Applied Physics & Material Science [electronic resource] : RAM 2013 : Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, 1-2 February 2013
17-Feb-2015Formation of H-type liquid crystal dimer at air-water interfaceKarthik, C.; Gupta, Adbhut; Joshi, Aditya; Manjuladevi, V.; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Varia, M.C.; Kumar, SandeepAIP Conference Proceedings, 2015, Vol.1591, p1036-1038, 58th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, 16-20 December 2014, Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India
Aug-2017Synthesis and mesomorphism of ionic self-assembled complexes of anthraquinones.Swamynathan, K; Raghunathan, V.A.; Kumar, SandeepLiquid Crystals, 2017, Vol.44, p 2311-2320
3-Jan-2015Ultrathin Films of TiO2 Nanoparticles at InterfacesChoudhary, Keerti; Manjuladevi, V.; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Bhattacharyya, P; Hazra, A; Kumar, SandeepLangmuir, 2015, Vol. 31, p385-1392
7-Nov-2016Existence of polar switching in the nematic and orthogonal smectic phases in novel four-ring bent-core compounds.Turlapati, Srikanth; Khan, Raj Kumar; Ghosh, Sharmistha; Pramod, Tadapatri; Pratibha, R.; Rao, Nandiraju V SJournal of Applied Physics, 2016, Vol. 120, p174101
5-Mar-2017New coumarin carboxylates having trifluoromethyl, diethylamino and morpholino terminal groups: Synthesis and mesomorphic characterisationsSrinivasa, H.T.; Harishkumar, Hosanagara N; Palakshamurthy, B.S.Journal of Molecular Structure, 2017, Vol.1131, p 97-102
23-Sep-2018Liquid Crystals Decorated Gold Nanoparticles for Photoswitching PropertiesRahman, Md. Lutfor; Yuvaraj, A R; Kumar, Sandeep; +3Co-AuthorsGeneral Chemistry, 2018, Vol.4, p180009
22-Jan-2019Microscale Structures Arising from Nanoscale Inhomogeneities in Nematics Made of Bent-Shaped MoleculesKrishnamurthy, Kanakapura S; Kanakala, Madhu B; Yelamaggad, C.V.; Madhusudana, N.V.The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2019, Vol.123, p1423−1431
1-Dec-1995Covariant elasticity and dislocations in smectic-C' liquid crystalsHatwalne, Yashodhan; Lubensky, T.C.Physical Review E, 1995, Vol. 52, p6240