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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
5-Oct-1985Chemical Constituents of the Leaves of Flueggea microcarpaKumar, Sandeep; Sahai, Mahendra; Ray, Anil B.Planta Medica, 1985, Vol.51(5), p466
Oct-2017Time-resolved uorescence and absence of Frster resonance energy transfer in ferroelectric liquid crystal-quantum dots composites.Singh, D.P.; Pandey, S.; Manohar, Rajiv; Kumar, Sandeep; Pujar, G.H.; Inamdar, S.R.Journal of Luminescence, 2017, Vol. 190, p161-170
2000Observation of the orientational transition in hexa(hexylthio)triphenylene using polarized FTIR studyPerova, T.S.; Tsvetkov, S.E.; Vij, J.K.; Kumar, SandeepMolecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 2000, Vol.351, p95
21-Jul-2017Novel achiral four-ring bent-shaped nematic liquid crystals with tri uoromethyl and methyl substituents in the central molecular core: an unusually large Kerr constant in blue phase III of nematic-chiral dopant mixture.Khan, Raj Kumar; Turlapati, Srikanth; Pratibha, R.; +4 Co-authorsJournal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, Vol.5, p6729
11-Aug-2006Novel room temperature discotic nematic liquid crystals and a process for their preparationKumar, Sandeep; Varshney, S.K.; Chandrasekhar, S.Indian Patent IN 1999MA00926 A 20060811 11 Aug 11,2006, IN 206801 Jun 29, 2007
8-Oct-2015Synthesis of new U-shaped azobenzene liquid crystals for photoswitching properties.Rahman, Md Lutfor; Sarkar, Shaheen M; Yusoff, Mashitah Mohd; Kumar, Sandeep; Tschierske, CarstenRSC Advances, 2015, Vol. 5, P 87019-29
Jul-2014Synthesis and photoswitching properties of liquid crystals derived from myo-inositolRahman, Md Lutfor; Yusoff, Mashitah Mohd; Kumar, SandeepRSC Advances, 2014, Vol. 4, p 35089-35098
1-Aug-2013New pyrimidine-based photo-switchable bent-core liquid crystalsRahman, Md Lutfor; Hegde, Gurumurthy; Yusoff, Mashitah Mohd; Malek, Md N Fazli A.; Srinivasa, H.T.; Kumar, SandeepNew Journal of Chemistry, 2013, Vol.37, p2460-2467
1997An AC Electrooptic Technique for Measuring the Flexoelectric Coefficient $\mathsf(e_1 + e_3)$ and Anchoring Energies of NematicsWarrier, Sobha R.; Madhusudana, N.V.Journal de Physique II, 1997, Vol.7, p1789-1803
1998Evidence for a nematic-nematic transition in thin cells of a highly polar compoundWarrier, Sobha R.; Vijayaraghavan, D.; Madhusudana, N.V.Europhysics Letters, 1998, Vol.44, p296-301