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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Apr-2019X-ray scattering from a thickness-modulated phase of lipid membranesMadhukar, S; Raghunathan, V.A.Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2019, Vol. 52, p 440-444
Feb-2017Elecrochemical determination of ethanol by a palladium modified Graphene Nanocomposite glassy carbon electrode.Anupam Kumar, Manne; Gourang Patnaik, Sai; Lakshminarayanan, V.; Ramamurthy, Sai SathishAnalytical Letters, 2017, Vol. 50, p350-363
21-Jul-2017Novel achiral four-ring bent-shaped nematic liquid crystals with tri uoromethyl and methyl substituents in the central molecular core: an unusually large Kerr constant in blue phase III of nematic-chiral dopant mixture.Khan, Raj Kumar; Turlapati, Srikanth; Pratibha, R.; +4 Co-authorsJournal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, Vol.5, p6729
1-Feb-1994Hydrogen bond dynamics in benzoic acid dimers as a function of hydrostatic pressure measured by nuclear magnetic resonanceHorsewill, A. J.; McDonald, P. J.; Vijayaraghavan, D.Journal of Chemical Physics, 1994, Vol.100, p 1889
Dec-2017Sensitive detection of Ferulic acid using multi-walled carbon nanotube decorated with silver nano-particles modified carbon paste electrode.Erady, Veera; Mascarenhas, Ronald J.; Satpati, Ashis K.; Dhason, A.; +3 Co-authorsJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2017, Vol 806, p22-31
28-May-2019Pressure dependence of methyl tunnelling in solid diacetyl: an extension to the methyl thermometer modelMcDonald, P. J.; Vijayaraghavan, D.; Debenham, P. M.; Horsewill, A.J.Molecular Physics, 1993, Vol. 78, p 219-228
Jul-1993Pulsed NMR study of molecular motions and phase transitions in [N(CH3)4]PbX3 (X=Cl, Br, I)Vijayaraghavan, D.; Ramakrishna, J.Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular Spectroscopy, 1993, Vol. 49. p1121-1129
Apr-2018Self-Assembled CNT-polymer hybrids in single-walled carbon Nanotubes dispersed aqueous Triblock copolymer solutions.Vijayaraghavan, D.; Manjunatha, A.S.; Poojitha, C.G.Brazilian Journal of Physics, 2018, Vol.48, p130-136
Dec-2017Discotic liquid crystals derived from polycyclic aromatic cores: from the smallest benzene to the utmost graphene cores.Gowda, Ashwathanarayana; Kumar, Manish; Kumar, SandeepLiquid Crystals, 2017, Vol.44, p 1990-2017
11-Oct-2018Mechanochemical feedback control of dynamin independent endocytosis modulates membrane tension in adherent cellsThottacherry, Joseph Jose; Kumar, Amit; Pullarkat, Pramod A.; + 15 Co-AuthorsNature Communications, 2017, Vol. 9, AN 4217