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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Oct-2020Synthesis and Crystal Structure Analysis of propyl 3-(4-acetoxyphenyl) AcrylateManjula, M.; Srinivasa, H.T.; Lokanath, N. K.; Revannasiddaiah, D.Journal of Applicable Chemistry, 2020, Vol.9, p684-690
Oct-2020Fluid–fluid coexistence in phospholipid membranes induced by decanol†Buti, Suryabrahmam; Agrawal, Ayush; Raghunathan, V.A.Soft Matter, 2020, Vol.16, p9002-9005
Dec-2020Electrochemical performance of a new imidazolium ionic liquid crystal and carbon paste composite electrode for the sensitive detection of paracetamolMangaiyarkarasi, R.; Premlatha, S.; Khan, Raj Kumar; Pratibha, R.; Umadevi, S.Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2020, Vol.319, p114255
Nov-2020Magnified charge carrier conduction, permittivity, and mesomorphic properties of columnar structure of a room temperature discotic liquid crystalline material due to the dispersion of low concentration ferroelectric nanoparticlesUttam, Rahul; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, RavindraPhysical Review E, 2020, Vol.102, Article No.052702
Dec-2020Investigation on molecular organization and physical studies on asymmetric bent-core Liquid crystalsRoy, Arun; Malkar, DeepshikaPh.D. Thesis, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 2020
Jan-2021Microwave assisted green synthesis of p-type Co3O4@Mesoporous carbon spheres for simultaneous degradation of dyes and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactionAkshatha, S.; Sreenivasa, S; Kumar, Sandeep; + 4 Co-authorsMaterials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2021, Vol.121, Artical 105432
24-Dec-2020Measurement of Alcohol-Dependent Physiological Changes in Red Blood Cells Using Resistive Pulse SensingKaushik, Saurabh; Mahadeva, Manohara; Durai Murugan, K.; Sundaramurthy, V.; Soni, G.V.ACS Sensors, 2020, Vol.5, p. 3892-3901
Jan-2021Fingerprinting branches on supercoiled plasmid DNA using quartz nanocapillaries†Maheshwaram, Sumanth Kumar; Sreenivasa, Koushik; Soni, G.V.Nanoscale, 2021, Vol.13, Iss. 1, P320–331
Jan-2021Diffraction gratings made from optically anisotropic material with surface microreliefBelyaev, V.V.; Solomatin, A. S.; Kumar, Sandeep; Chausov, D. N.; Belyaev, A.A.; Margaryan, A.L.; Akopyan, N.G.Journal of Optical Technology, 2021, Vol.88, p30-36
Mar-2020Saddle-splay-induced periodic edge undulations in smectic-A disks immersed in a nematic mediumKrishnamurthy, Kanakapura S; Rao, Shankar D.S.; Kanakala, Madhu B; Yelamaggad, C.V.; Madhusudana, N.V.Physical Review E, 2020, Vol.101, Article No.032704