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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
15-Jun-2019Self-assembly of taper- and wedge-shaped maleimide derivatives: Synthesis and structure-property relationshipVinayakumara, D R; Kumar, Sandeep; Krishna Prasad, S.; Adhikari, A.V.Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2019, Vol. 284, p765-772
14-May-2019Columnar self-assembly of novel benzylidenehydrazones and their difluoroboron complexes: structure–property correlations†Vinayakumara, D R; Swamynathan, K; Kumar, Sandeep; Adhikari, A.V.New Journal of Chemistry, 2019, Vol.43, p7099
1-Aug-2019New cyanopyridone-based unsymmetrical dyads: the effect of donor strength on their optoelectronic properties†Vinayakumara, D. R.; Kesavan, Rajalakshmi; Kumar, Sandeep; Adhikari, A.V.Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences,2019, Vol.18, p2052–2060
23-Sep-2018Liquid Crystals Decorated Gold Nanoparticles for Photoswitching PropertiesRahman, Md. Lutfor; Yuvaraj, A R; Kumar, Sandeep; +3Co-AuthorsGeneral Chemistry, 2018, Vol.4, p180009
Mar-2019Scholl reaction of hexaphenylbenzenes with hexakis-alkoxy substituentsSetia, Shilpa; Kumar, Sandeep; Adhikari, Debashis; Pal, Santanu KumarLiquid Crystals, 2019, Vol.46, NO. 3, p 430–441
15-Oct-2018Dependence of physical parameters on the size of silver nano particles forming composites with a nematic liquid crystalline materialTripathi, Pratibha; Mishra, Mukesh; Kumar, Sandeep; Dabrowski, R.; Dhar, RavindraJournal of Molecular Liquids, 2018, Vol.268, p403–409
Jan-2019Stabilization of Discotic Liquid CrystalsYuvaraj, A R; Kumar, SandeepPolymer-modified Liquid Crystals, Edited by Ingo Dierking, (Book Chapter-15), p 332-347, 2019
May-2019Environmentally Benign Approach for the Synthesis of Azo Dyes in the Presence of Mesoporous Sulfated Core‐Shell Zirconia‐Copper(I) Oxide Solid Acid CatalystParashuram, Lakshminarayana; Sreenivasa, Swamy; Kumar, Sandeep; +2 Co-AuthorsChemistry Select, 2019, Vol.4, p5097–5105
Dec-2019Effect of functionalised silver nanoparticle on the elastic constants and ionic transport of a nematic liquid crystalS. J., Shivaraja; Gupta, Raj Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep; Manjuladevi, V.Liquid Crystals, 2019, Vol.46, p 1868–1876
Dec-2019Molecular relaxation of components of LC mixture 2f- 3333 (ROLIC) for dualfrequency electrooptic shuttersRybakov, D. O.; Belyaev, V. V.; Kumar, Sandeep; +2 Co-AuthorsLiquid Crystals, 2019, Vol.46, p1861-1867