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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Mar-2020Whole-molecule disorder of the Schiff base compound 4-chloro-N-(4-nitrobenzylidene)aniline: crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysisLeela, Sundararaman; Subashini, A.; Philip, Reji; Ramamurthi, Kandasamy; Stoeckli-Evans, HelenActa Crystallographica section E, 2020, Vol.76, p417–422
Jun-2020Ultrashort Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures on Crystalline SiliconAnoop, K K; Verma, Nancy; Joy, Nithin; Philip, RejiAIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, Vol.2244, p070019, Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Materials and Nanotechnology ICPN 2019
Feb-2020Experimental and DFT/TD-DFT approach on photo-physical and NLO properties of 2, 6-bis (4-Chlorobenzylidene) cyclohexanoneGeorge, Jesby; Thomas, A.K; Philip, Reji; +3 Co_authorsOptical Materials, 2020, Vol.100, p109620
Aug-2020Effect of manganese doping on the structural, morphological, optical, electrical, and magnetic properties of BaSnO3John, Jibi; Dhananjaya, M.; Philip, Reji; +5 Co-AuthorsJournal of Materials Science : Materials in Electronics, 2020, Vol.31, p11159–11176
Sep-2020Ni Nanoparticles Coated with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon for Optical Limiting ApplicationsKumar, Rajeev; Kumar, Ajay; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; +2 Co-AuthorsACS Applied Nano Materials, 2020, Vol.3, p8618–8631
Oct-2020Fabrication of durable superhydrophilic silicon surfaces using nanosecond laser pulsesVerma, Nancy; Anoop, K K; Dominic, Priya; Philip, RejiJournal of Applied Physics, 2020, Vol. 128, p135304
Mar-2020Theoretical and experimental investigations of nitropyrene on silver for nonlinear optical and metal ion sensing applicationsFelscia, U Retta; Rajkumar, Beulah J M; Sankar, Pranitha; Philip, Reji; Mary, M BrigetMaterials Chemistry and Physics, 2020, Vol.243, p122466
Jun-2020Nanosecond Laser Surface Texturing of Crystalline Silicon in Ambient Air and WaterArjun, Kandya Karimbana; Anoop, K K; Philip, RejiAIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, Vol.2244, p070010, Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Materials and Nanotechnology ICPN 2019
Oct-2020Observation of ion acceleration in nanosecond laser generated plasma on a nickel thin film under rear ablation geometryThomas, Jinto; Joshi, Hem Chandra; Kumar, Ajai; Philip, RejiPhysical Review E, 2020, Vol. 102, Article No.043205
Oct-2020Effect of the band gap and the defect states present within band gap on the non-linear optical absorption behaviour of yttrium aluminium iron garnetsKumar, Ajay; Kumar, Rajeev; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; +3 Co-AuthorsOptical Materials, 2020, Vol.108, p 110163