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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Aug-2010Rubidium dimers in paraffin-coated cellsAcosta, V.M.; Jarmola, A.; Windes, D.; Corsini, E.; Rangwala, S.A.; +5 Co-authorsNew Journal of Physics, 2010, Vol.12, p083054
4-Mar-2010Three-dimensional lattice of ion trapsRavi, K.; Lee, Seunghyun; Sharma, Arijit; Ray, Tridib; Werth, G.; Rangwala, S.A.Physical Review A, 2010, Vol.81, p031401
14-Oct-2010Investigation of antirelaxation coatings for alkali-metal vapor cells using surface science techniquesSeltzer, S.J.; Michalak, D.J.; Donaldson, M.H.; Balabas, M.V.; Rangwala, S.A.; +15 Co-authorsJournal of Chemical Physics, 2010, Vol.133, p144703
Mar-2013Temperature measurement of laser-cooled atoms using vacuum Rabi splittingRay, Tridib; Sharma, Arijit; Jyothi, S.; Rangwala, S.A.Applied Physics A , 2013, Vol. 87, p033832
May-2013Measurement of collisions between rubidium atoms and optically dark rubidium ions in trapped mixturesLee, Seunghyun; Ravi, K.; Rangwala, S.A.Physical Review A, 2013, Vol.87, p052701
29-Jun-2021Analysis of Multipolar Linear Paul Traps for Ion–Atom Ultracold Collision ExperimentsNiranjan, M.; Prakash, Anand; Rangwala, S.A.Atoms, 2021, Vol.9, p38
10-Jun-2022Homonuclear ion-atom collisions: Application to Li+−LiJoshi, N.; Niranjan, M.; Pandey, A.; Dulieu, Olivier; Cote, Robin; Rangwala, S.A.Physical Review A, 2022, Vol.105, p063311
8-Aug-2022High-resolution MCP-TimePix3 imaging/timing detector for antimatter physicsGloggler, L; Caravita, R; Auzins, M; Bergmann, B; Brusa, R.S.; Burian, P; Camper, A; Castelli, F; Cheinet, P; Ciuryło, R; Comparat, D; Consolati, G; Doser, M; Gjersda, H; Graczykowski, L; Guatieri, F; Haider, S; Huck, S; Janik, M; Kasprowicz, G; Khatri, G; Kłosowski, L; Kornakov, G; Malbrunot, C; Mariazzi, S; Nowak, L; Nowicka, D; Oswald, E; Penasa, L; Piwiński, M; Pospisil, S; Povolo, L; Prelz, F; Rangwala, S.A.; Rienäcker, B; Røhne, O.M.; Sandaker, H; Sowinski, T; Stek, I; Tefelski, D; Volponi, M; Wolz, T; Zimmer, C; Zawada, M; Zurlo, NMeasurement Science and Technology, 2022, Vol. 33, p115105