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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1921Colours of mixed plates, Part II.Raman, C.V.; Banerji, BhabonathPhilosophical Magazine, 1921, Vol.41, p860-871
1921Colours of mixed plates, Part I.Raman, C.V.; Banerji, BhabonathPhilosophical Magazine, 1921, Vol.41, p338-347
1922On a new optical property of biaxial crystalsRaman, C.V.; Tamma, V.S.Philosophical Magazine, 1922, Vol.43, p510-513
1925On the nature of the disturbance in the second medium in total reflectionRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1925, Vol.50, p812-815
1921The colours of breathed-on platesRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.107, p714
1926Huygens' principle and the phenomena of total reflexionRaman, C.V.Transactions of the Optical Society, 1926, Vol. 28, p149-160
1926On the total reflection of lightRaman, C.V.Proceedings of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 1926, Vol.9, p271-286
Jun-1925The optical properties of amethyst quartzRaman, C.V.; Banerji, K.Transactions of the Optical Society, 1925, Vol. 26, p289-292
1927The diffraction of light by metallic screensRaman, C.V.; Krishnan, K.S.Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - A, 1927, Vol.116, p254-267
1924On the spectrum of neutral helium. Part IIRaman, C.V.; Ganesan, A.S.Astrophysical Journal, 1924, Vol.59, p61-63