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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Feb-1987C V Raman and the German ConnectionRamaseshan, S.Science News_Feb. 1987_p33
2006Chandrasekhara Venkata RamanVenugopal, R.Indo French Technical Association, Souvenir 1996- 2006, Ruby Year Celebration
Nov-2012C.V.Raman-Digit, 2012, Vol.12, No.12, Suppliment(Encyclopedia Technica), p51
2013C. V. Raman-Indian Association of Physics Teachers, 2013, Vol.15, p137
10-Dec-1973Note on the life and work of Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata RamanBroglie, Louis DeInstitut de France Academie Des Sciences, 10th Oct.1973, Paris
1988Chandrasekhara Venkata Ramam-Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka, 1988
21-Feb-2013Raman spectroscopy for broader medical research-Deccan Herald, 21st Feb.2013
7-Nov-2013His address in Russian was tremendously applaudedNarayanan, S.Indian Express, 7th Nov. 2013
Nov-2013Sir C.V. Raman icon of Indian scienceMascarenhas, Smiles K.Science Reporter, 2013, Vol.50, p21
8-Nov-2013Enduring effect of Sir CV Raman-Times of India, 8th Nov. 2013