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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1970Raman joins the immortalsNarasimhan, V.K.-
1-Mar-1978Encouraging excellence in science research-Patriot, March 1, 1978 p.6
28-Feb-1978Fifty notable years of Raman Effect: great impact on scienceVenkatvardana, V.S.Times of India Febrauary 28,1978
21-Jan-1979The Great Indian Bustard: The Raman Effect-The Times of India, January 21, 1979 p.11
12-Nov-1978Raman vikiran: ek adbhut-Sakal, November 12, 1978
19-Mar-1978Raman effect renaissance in 50 years-The Hindu, March 19, 1978
1978Column 1: When Raman lived in the city; Coulmn 2: Prof. Raman was Often misunderstood--
26-Nov-1970The Nobel Laureate said " I dont want to die now"Rudrabasavaraj, M.N.The Hindu, November 26, 1978
Nov-1978C V Raman : the rise of the phoenixRamaseshan, S.; Kartha, V BScience Today, November 1978, vol.13, p 50-56
10-Nov-1979Prof. C.V.Raman: The scientist who was inspired by beautyRanganathan, A.The Weekly mail, November 10, 1979