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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1-Jan-2019Coherent microwave-to-optical conversion by three-wave mixing in a room temperature atomic systemAdwaith, K V; Asha, K.; Manwatkar, Charudatta; Bretenaker, Fabien; Narayanan, AndalOptics Letters, 2019, Vol.44, p33-36
30-Aug-2018Phase sensitive amplification enabled by coherent population trappingNeveu, P; Banerjee, C; Lugani, J; Bretenaker, Fabien; Brion, E; Goldfarb, FNew Journal of Physics, 2018, Vol.20, p 083043
21-Jan-2019Infrared laser threshold magnetometry with a NV doped diamond intracavity etalonDumeige, Yannick; Roch, Jean-Fran├žois; Bretenaker, Fabien; + 8 Co-AuthorsOptics Express, 2019, Vol. 27, p1706-1717
Nov-2016Laser fluence dependence on emission dynamics of ultrafast laser induced copper plasmaAnoop, K K; Harilal, S.S.; Philip, Reji; Bruzzese, Riccardo; Amoruso, SalvatoreJournal of Applied Physics, 2016, Vol. 120, p185901
1-Feb-2019Pulse width dependent dynamics of laser-induced plasma from a Ni thin filmThomas, Jinto; Joshi, Hem Chandra; Kumar, Ajai; Philip, RejiJournal of Physics D : Applied Physics, 2019, Vol.52, No.13, 135201 (9pp)
Jan-2017Two-photon photoassociation spectroscopy of an ultracold heteronuclear moleculeDutta, Sourav; Perez-Rios, Jesus; Elliott, D.S.; Chen, Yong PPhysical Review A, 2017 Vol.95, p013405
13-Feb-2019Measuring average of non-Hermitian operator with weak value in a Mach-Zehnder interferometerNirala, Gaurav; Sahoo, Surya Narayan; Pati, Arun K; Sinha, UrbasiPhysical Review A, 2019, Vol.99, p022111
May-2019Methodical engineering of defects in MnXZn1-X O(x = 0.03, and 0.05) nanostructures by electron beam for nonlinear optical applications: A new insightAntony, Albin; Poornesh, P.; Philip, Reji; +7 Co-AuthorsCeramics International, 2019, Vol.45, p8988-8999
Mar-2019Measuring spatially extended density profiles using atom-cavity collective strong coupling to higher-order modesNiranjan, M.; Dutta, Sourav; Ray, Tridib; Rangwala, S. A.Physical Review A, 2019, Vol.99, p 033617
1-Apr-2019Measuring fluorescence into a nanofiber by observing field quadrature noiseJalnapurkar, Shreyas; Anderson, Paul; Narayanan, Andal; +4 Co-AuthorsOptics Letters, 2019, Vol.44, p1678-1681