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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1907The curvature method of determining the surface tension of liquidsRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1907, Vol.14, p591-596
1909Historical note on the discovery of the ultra-microscopic methodRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1909, Vol.17, p495
1909The experimental study of Huygens's secondary wavesRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1909, Vol.17, p204-216
1908Secondary waves of lightRaman, C.V.Nature, 1908, Vol.78, p55-56
1909The maintenance of forced oscillations of a new typeRaman, C.V.Nature, 1909, Vol.82, p156-157
1909The small notion at the nodes of a vibrating stringRaman, C.V.Nature, 1909, Vol.82, p9
1909The "Ectara"Raman, C.V.Journal of Indian Mathematical Club, 1909, p170-175
Nov-1906Unsymmetrical diffraction-bands due to a rectangular apertureRaman, C.V.Philosophical Magazine, 1906, Vol.12, p494-498.
1909The photometric measurement of the obliquity factor of diffractionRaman, C.V.Nature, 1909, Vol.82, p69
1907Newton's rings in polarized lightRaman, C.V.Nature, 1907, Vol.76, p637


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