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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
23-Apr-1939What would I do if I lived my life again?Mody, H.P.; Raman, C.V.The Illustrated Weekly of India, 23rd March, 1939
16-Jul-1938The Krishnan effectRaman, C.V.The Mysore Times, 15th July 1938
15-Aug-1952Freedom for the individualRaman, C.V.The Indian Express, 1952
16-Jan-1949The structure of our universeRaman, C.V.The Deccan Herald, 16th January, 1949
29-May-1948Story of the Diamond : article by Sir C V RamanRaman, C.V.-
1940Reflection of X-rays with change of frequency. Part IV. Rock saltRaman, C.V.; Nilakantan, P.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-A, 1940, Vol.12, p141-156
1947The Infra-red spectrumRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1947, Vol.16, p359-366
1957The specific heats of crystalline solids: Part IIRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1957, Vol.26, p231-234
1963Floral colours and the physiology of visionRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1963, Vol.32, p293-296
1955The thermal energy of crystalsRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1955, Vol.24, p357-361