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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
May-2008Towards new background independent representations for loop quantum gravityVaradarajan, MadhavanClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2008, Vol.25, 105011
12-Dec-2018From Euclidean to Lorentzian Loop Quantum Gravity via a Positive ComplexifierVaradarajan, MadhavanClassical and Qunatum Gravity, 2019, Vol. 36,p015016
15-Sep-2019Quantum propagation in Smolin’s weak coupling limit of 4D Euclidean gravityVaradarajan, MadhavanPhysical Review D, 2019, Vol.100, p066018
Feb-2021Gravitational Dynamics—A Novel Shift in the Hamiltonian ParadigmAshtekar, Abhay; Varadarajan, MadhavanUniverse 2021, Vol.7, Iss. 1, 13.
14-May-2018Constraint algebra in Smolins' G→0 limit of 4D Euclidean gravityVaradarajan, MadhavanPhysical Review D, 2018, Vol. 97, p106007
Jan-2017Propagation in polymer parameterised field theoryVaradarajan, MadhavanClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2017, Vol.34, p015012
Jun-2021Euclidean LQG dynamics: an electric shift in perspectiveVaradarajan, MadhavanClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2021, Vol.38, p135020