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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Jul-2013An octave bandwidth frequency independent dipole antennaRaghunathan, A.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Subrahmanyan, RaviIEEE Transactions on antennas and propagation, 2013, Vo. 61, p3411
Sep-2016The radio spectral energy distribution of infrared-faint radio sourcesHerzog, A.; Dwarakanath, K.S.; Deshpande, A.A.; Prabu, T.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Srivani, K.S.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; +50 Co-authorsAstronomy & Astrophysics, 2016, Vol.593, A130
Apr-2016High-energy sources at low radio frequency: the Murchison widefield array view of Fermi blazarsGiroletti, M.; Massaro, F.; Deshpande, A.A.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Srivani, K.S.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; +30 Co-authorsAstronomy and Astrophysics, 2016, Vol.588, A141
Feb-2015The spectral variability of the ghz-peaked spectrum radio source pks 1718-649 and a comparison of absorption modelsTingay, S.J.; Deshpande, A.A.; Prabu, T.; Udaya Shankar, N.; Srivani, K.S.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; +30 Co-authorsThe Astronomical Journal, 2015, Vol 149, p74
28-Feb-2022On the detection of a cosmic dawn signal in the radio backgroundSingh, Saurabh; Nambissan T., Jishnu; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Shankar, N. Udaya; Girish, B.S.; Raghunathan, A.; Somashekar, R.; Srivani, K.S.; Mayuri Sathyanarayana, RaoNature Astronomy, 2022, Vol.6, p607
28-Mar-2023Detecting global signal from cosmic dawn and epoch of reionization with SKARao, Mayuri Sathyanarayana; Shankar, N. Udaya; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Singh, SaurabhJournal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 2023, Vol. 44, Article No. 24
Sep-2020Wide band antenna with Ultra-smooth spectral characteristicsRaghunathan, A.; Girish, B.S.; Somashekar, R.; Srivani, K.S.; Singh, Saurabh; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Udaya Shankar, N.; Sathyanarayana Rao, Mayuri; Nambissan, T. JishnuInternational Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Symposium (ACES), Monterey, CA, USA, USA, 27-31 July 2020
Jun-2020SARAS CD/EoR Radiometer: Design and Performance of the Digital Correlation SpectrometerGirish, B.S.; Srivani, K.S.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Udaya Shankar, N.; Singh, Saurabh; Nambissan, T. Jishnu; Sathyanarayana Rao, Mayuri; Somashekar, R.; Raghunathan, A.Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, 2020, Vol.9, p2050006