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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1-Feb-2015The Broadband XMM-Newton and NuSTAR X-ray Spectra of Two Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in the Galaxy IC 342Rana, V; Harrison, Fiona A.; Bachetti, Matteo; +15 Co-AuthorsThe Astrophysical Journal, 2015, Vol.799, p12
20-Apr-2016Characterizing X-ray and Radio emission in the Black Hole X-Ray Binary V404 Cygni during QuiescenceRana, V; Loh, Alan; Corbel, Stephane; +17 Co-AuthorsThe Astrophysical Journal, 2016, Vol.821, p10
10-Apr-2014Patchy Accretion Disks in Ultra-luminous X-Ray SourcesMiller, J. M; Bachetti, M.; Rana, V; +5 Co-AuthorsThe Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2014, Vol.785, p6
10-Nov-2016Discovery of coherent pulsations from the Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC 7793 P13Fuerst, F.; Walton, D. J.; Rana, V; +12 Co-AuthorsThe Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2016, Vol.831, p6