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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1-Mar-2013Vijnana ellaru santasa paduva sadhanaUdaya Shankar, N.Vijaya Karnataka, 1st Mar.2013
27-Feb-2013Shivamoggadallondu Aakasha Veekshanalaya-Vijaya Karnataka, 27th Feb.2013
20-Aug-2013Radio telescope to help view stars-The Deccan Herald, 20th August 2013.
24-Feb-2013Granthalayadalli Belagida Jnanajyothi-Prajavani, 24th Feb.2013
20-Aug-2013RRI takes first step to view birth of universe-The New The Indian Express, 20th August 2013
4-Mar-2013Graduate from research institutes-The New Indian Express, 4th Mar.2013
20-Aug-2013Bangalore angle to find 'cosmic dawn' 13 billion years ago--
Aug-2013A peek into the cosmic dawn from the Australian outbackSridhar, V.The Hindu, 24th Aug.2013
Aug-2013Raman Research Institute in mission to explore formation of early stars-Business Line, 20th Aug.2013
7-Nov-2013Remembering Sir CV RamanNarayanan, S.Indian Express, 7th Nov. 2013