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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1966Advance in study of biological sciences-The Indian Express, 1966
4-Apr-1965I saw Raman! (Ramanai kanden)Sudesamitran; Kadir-
20-Apr-1961Manned space flight : Dr. C V Raman's abhorrence-The Hindu, 20th April 1961
16-Dec-1960Opthalmic research: Dr. C V Raman stresses value - conference in Vellore-The Hindu, 16th December, 1960
27-Aug-1961Photograph: Dr. Donald Glaser, American Nobel prize winner in Physics and Sir C V Raman-The Hindu, 27th August, 1961
17-Jan-1961The physics block for the Mysore varsity : Foundation laid by Dr. C V Raman-The Hindu, 17th January, 1961
28-May-1960Perception of colour : Dr. C V Raman's new technique-The Hindu, 28th May, 1960
17-Feb-1963Photograph-The Hindu, 17th February, 1963
27-Dec-1960Perception of colour : functioning of the retina-The Hindu, 27th December, 1960
30-Dec-1960Instrumental music : Dr. C V Raman's thesis-The Hindu, 30th December 1930