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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
30-Apr-1956Basis of religion: Value of human personality-The Hindu, 1956
27-Dec-1956Behaviour of crystals: Study of X-ray effect - Dr. C. V. Raman's analysis-The Hindu, 1956
17-Jun-1956A landmark in crystal physics: C. V. Raman will enunciate new theory at world meet.-The Deccan Herald, 17th July 1956
26-Jun-1956Nobel laureates of physics meet-The Deccan Herald, 26th June 1956
24-Jun-1956Research in science: Factor of cost in IndiaHaldane, J.B.S.The Hindu, 24th June, 1956
26-Dec-1956Raman "completes" Einstein's theory of Specific Heats.-The Deccan Herald, 26th December, 1956
24-Oct-1956Thermal Behaviour of solids at "Absolute Zero": Raman elucidates his new theory-The Deccan Herald, 24th October, 1956
24-Oct-1956Thermal energy of solids: Dr. C. V. Raman's Theory-The Hindu, 24th October, 1956
24-Jan-1956Achievements in astro-physics: Tributes to work of Dr. Chandrasekhar-The Hindu, 24th January 1956
17-Jun-1956Behaviour of crystals: Dr. C. V. Raman's new thesis - Einstein's theory proved--