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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
12-Dec-1948Books in Brief : Book review of Aspects of Science by Sir C V Raman-The Hindu, 1948
31-Dec-1948Inaugural address by Sir C. V. Raman-The Hindu, 31st December 1948
1-Mar-1948Letters to the editor : Scientific terms and the mother-toungue comments on Sir C V Raman statement on teaching science through vernacular medium.-The Hindu, 1st March 1948
30-May-1948Research work at Bangalore : World scientists appreciation, Sir C V Raman on his Europoean tour-The Hindu, 30th May, 1948
15-May-1948Sir C V Raman at a party in his honour in London-The Mail, 15th May, 1948
15-Jul-1948Sir C.V.Raman in London-The Mail, 15th July, 1948
22-Nov-1948A letter by "The Whip" to Sir C V Raman-The Whip, 22nd November 1948
28-Dec-1948Crytallographic exhibition : Pandit Nehru's visit-The Hindu, 1948
13-Sep-1948Life in America : Sir C V Raman's impression-The Hindu, 13th September 1948
28-Apr-1948The Doyen of Scientists : Sir S Cripps's tribute to Dr. Raman-The Indian Express, 1948