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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
6-Oct-1946Arts notes and comments by D G Vyas on Sir C V Raman address at annual session of the Ceylon Association of Science held at ColomboVyas, D.G.The Bombay Chronicle weekly, 6th October 1946
22-Sep-1946A beam of light-Ceylon observer, 1946
22-Sep-1946Structure of Diamond : Sir C V Raman's exposition-The Hindu, 22nd September, 1946
2-Oct-1946Phenomenon of the "Brocken Bow". Sir. C.V. Raman on some optical effects-The Hindu, 2nd October, 1946
29-Dec-1946National Academy of Sciences-The Hindu, 29th December 1946
24-Sep-1946Pursuit of scence : Sir C.V. Raman's appeal-The Hindu, 24th September, 1946
19-Sep-1946New light on the diamond : Sir C V Raman explains his theory--
22-Sep-1946Sir Venkata Raman says : there are four forms of diamonds--
24-Oct-1946Science alone is not enough : Sir C V Raman pleads-The Mail, 24th October, 1946
23-Dec-1946Indian Academy of Sciences--