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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
27-Dec-1953Role of youth in India's future: Dr. C. V. Raman's advice-The Times of India, 27th December, 1953
29-Oct-1950Science and nature-The Pioneer, 29th October, 1950
16-Mar-1953Silver Jubilee of Raman Effect-The Hindu, 16th March, 1953
1-Mar-1953Spectra of crystals: Elucidation by Sir C. V. Raman-The Hindu, 1st March, 1953
31-Dec-1951Science and service--
15-Aug-1958Scientific progress : C V Raman's tribute to Russia-The Hindu, 15th August, 1958
31-Oct-1950Take up scientific research: Sir C. V. Raman's advice to students-The Hindu, 31st October, 1950
21-Mar-1950Structure of solids: Double refractrion in Silica glass - Sir C. V. Raman's new discovery-The Hindu, 21st March, 1950
2-Nov-1950Sugar industry in South India: Great scope for development-The Hindu, 2nd November, 1950
28-Dec-195117th session of the Indian Academy of Sciences-The Hindustan Times, 28th December, 1951