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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1988C V Raman: birth centenary tribute--
Dec-2012C V Raman-Digit (Suppliment, Encyclopedia Technica), 2012, Vol.12, No.12, p51
27-Dec-2015C V Raman : Leading lightUmapathy, Siva; Sil, SanchitaThe week, 27th Dec 2015 , Vol. 33, p 80
Nov-1978C V Raman : the rise of the phoenixRamaseshan, S; Kartha, V BScience Today, November 1978, vol.13, p 50-56
Feb-1987C V Raman and the German ConnectionRamaseshan, S.Science News_Feb. 1987_p33
13-Aug-1958C V Raman arrives in Bombay-The Deccan Herald, 1958
8-Nov-1998C V Raman favoures indigenous technology-Indian Express, 8th Nov.1998
22-Nov-1970C V Raman is dead-Hindustan Times(Weekly), 22nd Nov. 1970
1970C V Raman on heat radiations--
11-Aug-1958C V Raman passes through Karachi-The Deccan Herald, 1958
19-Dec-1967C V Raman sheds new light on atmosphere-The Deccan Herald, 1967
26-Jan-1964C V Raman's work has raised science in India--
1-Jun-1998c-axis resistivity and high-Tc superconductivityKumar, N.; Pareek, T.P.; Jayannavar, A.M.Physical Review B, 1998, Vol.57, 13399-13402
3-Mar-1978C. V. RamanRamaseshan, S.C.V.Raman memorial lecture, 1978, p1-23.
2013C. V. Raman-Indian Association of Physics Teachers, 2013, Vol.15, p137
9-Oct-1977C. V. Raman :A fascinating mindPathania, Madan S.Patriot, 9th Oct. 1977,
22-Nov-1970C. V. Raman dead-The Sunday Standard, 22nd Nov. 1970
5-Aug-1955C. V. Raman defines patriotism-The Deccan Herald, 1955
27-Apr-1958C. V. Raman for Moscow: C. M.'s Party-The Deccan Herald, 1958
20-Mar-1957C. V. Raman says: Country needs solid background of scientific knowledge-The Deccan Herald, 1957