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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Mar-1994 Cosmic ray ionization of the interstellar mediumNath, Biman B.; Biermann, P.L.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1994, Vol.267, p447
Feb-2006 Cosmic rays, lithium abundance and excess entropy in galaxy clustersNath, Biman B.; Madau, Piero; Silk, JosephMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, 2006, Vol.366, Issue 1, pL35-L39.
21-Oct-1940 Cosmic rays: Their nature and action - Sir C.V. Raman's address--
Jun-1995 Cosmological evolution of linear sizes and the unification of quasars and radio galaxiesKapahi, V.K.; Athreya, R.M.; Subrahmanya, C.R.; Hunstead, R.W.; Baker, J.C.; McCarthy, P.J.; Van Breugel, W.Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 1995, Vol.16, p125
Dec-1999 Cosmology with the intergalactic mediumNath, Biman B.Pramana, 1999, Vol. 53, p1021-1025.
May-1989 Coulomb-diamagnetic problem in two dimensionsChhajlany, S.C.; Malnev, V.N.; Kumar, N.Physical Review A, 1989, Vol. 39, p5082
Jul-2012 Counter-rotating stellar discs around a massive black hole: self-consistent, time-dependent dynamicsTouma, J.; Sridhar, S.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2012, Vol. 423, p. 2083-2103
20-Nov-1950 Country's future lies in colleges and universities: Dr. Raman's address at Agra University Convocation--
Mar-1986 Coupling between nematic and smectic ordering in reentrant nematic systemsShashidhar, R.; Somasekhara, S.; Ratna, B.R.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1986, Vol.133, p19-29
10-Sep-1945 Craftsmanship and science : Sir C .V. Raman's address--
1928 A critical absorption photometer for the study of the Compton effectRaman, C.V.; Sogani, C.M.Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, 1928, Vol.119, p526-530
29-Jul-2010 Critical behavior at transitions from uniaxial to biaxial phases in a smectic liquid-crystal mixtureSasaki, Y.; Ema, K.; Le, Khoa Van; Takezoe, Hideo; Dhara, Surajit; Sadashiva, B.K.Physical Review E, 2010, Vol.82, p011709
Sep-1993 Critical-current variation with Pr content in Y1−xPrxBa2Cu3O7 epitaxial filmsHegde, M.S.; Thomas, B.; Vasanthacharya, N.Y.; Bhat, S.V.; Srinivasu, V.V.; Kumar, N.; Rao, C.N.R.Physical Review B, 1993, Vol. 48, p6465
1978 Critical point for the S → M transition in SmSShubha, V.; Ramesh, T.G.; Ramaseshan, S.Solid State Communications, 1978, Vol. 26, p173-175
25-Jul-1937 Crooked again: Two for one-The Sunday Times, 1937
Nov-1996 Crossed fields induced periodic deformations in nematics: Effect of weak anchoringKini, U.D.Liquid Crystals, 1996, Vol.21, p713-726
Jan-1999 Crossing bridgesSamuel, J.Resonance, 1999, Jan. Vol.4, p23-31
Jun-2008 Crossover from ballistic to diffusive thermal transport in quantum Langevin dynamics study of a harmonic chain connected to self-consistent reservoirsRoy, DibyenduPhysical Review E, 2008, Vol.77, 062102
May-2007 Crossover from normal (N) Ohmic subdivision to superconducting (S) equipartition of current in parallel conductors at the N-S transition: TheoryKumar, N.Europhysics Letters, 2009, Vol.78, 37001
Dec-2011 Cross pairing of select and data voltages to display grayscales in liquid crystal displaysRuckmongathan, T.N.Journal of Display Technology, 2011, Vol.7, p633
Showing results 725 to 744 of 5861
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