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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1999Coherent wave transport in low dimensional random mediaKumar, N.Physics of novel materials: Proceedings of the 10th physics summer school. Ed. Mukunda P Das, World Scientific, 1999, p315-381
Mar-1998Coherently amplifying random medium: Statistics of super-reflectionKumar, N.; Pradhan, P.; Jayannavar, A.M.Superlattices and Microstructures, 1998, Vol.23, p853-857
28-Jan-2012Collapse and coacervation of a lamellar phase by inter-headgroup bridgingPal, Antara; Bharath, P.; Dastidar, Sudipta G.; Raghunathan, V.A.Soft Matter, 2012, Vol.8, p927
1994The collected works of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Vol. 1: InsulinDodson, G.G.; Gluskar, J.P.; Ramaseshan, S.; Venkatesan, K.Indian Academy of Sciences, 1994
1994The collected works of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Vol. 2: Cholesterol, penicillin and other antibiotics and vitamin B12Dodson, G.G.; Gluskar, J.P.; Ramaseshan, S.; Venkatesan, K.Indian Academy of Sciences, 1994
1994The collected works of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Vol. 3: General crystallography and essaysDodson, G.G. Ed.; Gluskar, J.P. Ed.; Ramaseshan, S. Ed.; Venkatesan, K. Ed.Indian Academy of Sciences, 1994
Mar-2017Collisional cooling of light ions by cotrapped heavy atomsDutta, Sourav; Sawant, Rahul; Rangwala, S.A.Physical Review Letters, 2017, Vol. 118, p 113401
1995Collisionless relaxation of dark matter - some commentsNityananda, R.International Conference on Non-Accelerator Particle Physics: Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India 2-9 January 1994, Ed. R. Cowsik, World Scientific, 1995, p272-279
Sep-1996Colloidal dispersions in a liquid crystalline mediumRaghunathan, V.A.; Richetti, P.; Roux, D.; Nallet, F.; Sood, A.K.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals,1996, Vol.288, p181-187
15-Mar-2010Colloidal gold nanosphere dispersions in smectic liquid crystals and thin nanoparticle-decorated smectic filmsPratibha, R.; Park, W.; Smalyukh, I.I.Journal of Applied Physics, 2010, Vol.107, p063511
1970Color PerceptionRaman, C.V.-
1929Colour and optical anisotropy of organic compoundsRaman, C.V.Nature, 1929, Vol.123, p494
3-Mar-1940Colour in nature: Sir C.V. Raman's address-The Hindu, 1940
1921The colour of the seaRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.108, 367
1992A colour STN-LCD with improved contrast, uniformity and response timesIhara, S.; Sugimoto, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Kuwata, Takeshi; Koh, H.; Hasebe, Hiroshi; Ruckmongathan, T.N.Proceedings of the SID international symposium, 1992, p232-235.
1970Colouration in animals: Sir C.V. Raman 's address--
1921The colours of breathed-on platesRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.107, p714
1963The colours of gemstonesRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1963, Vol.32, p437-440
1921Colours of mixed plates, Part I.Raman, C.V.; Banerji, BhabonathPhilosophical Magazine, 1921, Vol.41, p338-347