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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
3-Mar-1940Colour in nature: Sir C.V. Raman's address-The Hindu, 1940
1921The colour of the seaRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.108, 367
1992A colour STN-LCD with improved contrast, uniformity and response timesIhara, S.; Sugimoto, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Kuwata, Takeshi; Koh, H.; Hasebe, Hiroshi; Ruckmongathan, T.N.Proceedings of the SID international symposium, 1992, p232-235.
1970Colouration in animals: Sir C.V. Raman 's address--
1921The colours of breathed-on platesRaman, C.V.Nature, 1921, Vol.107, p714
1963The colours of gemstonesRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1963, Vol.32, p437-440
1921Colours of mixed plates, Part I.Raman, C.V.; Banerji, BhabonathPhilosophical Magazine, 1921, Vol.41, p338-347
1921Colours of mixed plates, Part II.Raman, C.V.; Banerji, BhabonathPhilosophical Magazine, 1921, Vol.41, p860-871
1970Colours of mother-of-pearl: Sir C.V. Raman's research--
1969The colours of rosesRaman, C.V.Current Science, 1969, Vol.38, p503-505
1940Colours of stratified media - I : Ancient decomposed glassRaman, C.V.; Rajagopalan, V.S.Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-A, 1940, Vol.11, p469-482
1922Colours of tempered steelRaman, C.V.Nature, 1922, Vol.109, p105-106
1918The colours of the striae in micaRaman, C.V.; Ghosh, P.N.Nature, 1918, Vol.102, p205
1978Column 1: When Raman lived in the city; Coulmn 2: Prof. Raman was Often misunderstood--
Aug-2003Columnar phases exhibited by some polycatenar ligands and a few related metal complexesSadashiva, B.K.; Raghunathan, V.A.Pramana, 2003, Vol. 61, p219-229.
2002Coma southwest: as seen by the GMRTDwarakanath, K.S.; Chengalur, J.N.IAU Symposium, 2002, Vol.199, p166
2004Combination of electron-deficient and electron-rich discotic liquid crystals in novel unsymmetrical columnar twinsKumar, Sandeep; Naidu, Jaishri J.; Varshney, S.K.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 2004, Vol.411, p335-362
Dec-2005A combinatorial approach for studying local operations and classical communication transformations of multipartite statesSingh, Sudhir Kumar; Pal, Sudebkumar Prasant; Kumar, Somesh; Srikanth, R.Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2005, Vol.46, p122105
Jun-2012Combined ion and atom trap for low temperature ion-atom physicsRavi, K.; Lee, Seunghyun; Sharma, Arijit; Werth, G.; Rangwala, S.A.Applied Physics B, 2012, Vol.107, p971
6-Aug-2001Comment on "Can disorder induce a finite thermal conductivity in 1D lattices?"Dhar, AbhishekPhysical Review Letters, 2001, Vol.87, 069401